Second Step


The Second Step program increases kids’ school success and decreases problem behaviors by teaching them skills for learning—such as paying attention, listening, and sitting still—as well as how to manage their emotions, solve problems, and make friends. All these skills help prepare kids for kindergarten and to be more successful in school and in life.

Second Step activities include fun Brain Builder games, opportunities to practice skills, puppets, and songs.

Brain Builders

Brain Builder games boost skills sometimes referred to as “executive-function” skills. They help kids pay attention, use their memory, and control their behaviour. And they’re fun, too! You can also play Brain Builder games at home.

Skill Practice

Skill practices allow kids to practice new skills immediately after learning about them. The more students practice a skill, the better they are at using it, both in and out of the classroom. To help your child practice Second Step skills at home, do the Home Link activities.

Puppets & Songs

Second Step activities feature two puppets, a boy and a girl. The puppets help teachers explain and demonstrate skills. Children even get to practice their new skills with the puppets!

The program also contains fun, lively songs that help kids remember the skills they’ve learned. Learn the words to your child’s Second Step songs.