What We Offer

We offer a variety of programs to ensure your child’s development is looked after while at My Little Feet.

Second Step

A school readiness program to help your child prepare emotionally before starting school.


Our regular classes help children fast-track gross motor skills.


Structured on the Early Years Learning Framework and focuses on Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Meals and menus

Nutritious meals dietetically approved and reviewed prepared by our qualified chef.


Exciting visits from first responders, Healthy Harold and many more. Fun excursions as well!


Easily keep up-to-date with our online app where you will receive pictures of your child’s day.

Second Step

We implemented The Second Step Program into our childcare centres eight years ago after researching the best evidence-based programs to integrate into the dayto- day delivery of the Preschool Program.

We recognised school-readiness was not just about academic preparedness, but weighed heavily on social skills and a child’s ability to regulate their emotions in new and challenging tasks and environments.

After discovering The Second Step Program was being used across primary schools in the US, Dr. Summer King (the Centre Owner), applied for registration to deliver the program through the My Little Feet Centres, and the children who attend the Centres have been benefiting from it ever since.

The Second Step Program is a program that has been designed to help your child to learn, practice and apply a range of skills in four areas;


Emotion Management

Friendship Skills

Problem solving


Emotion Management

Friendship Skills

Problem solving

A great school readiness program

The Second Step program is a great school readiness tool that is used to help your child prepare emotionally before starting school, which contributes to better social and academic outcomes. The program is not only a kindy-based tool your child can use, but with the home links that we send home each week, it is also interactive with you and your child at home.

How it works

Each day the children engage through the second step program through puppet scripts, story and discussions or skills and practice activities such as brain builders, songs and/or games.

Children who engage in the second step program have the opportunity to build on emotional developmental areas in preparation for school, they engage daily in a range of activities that encourage them to build skills that they will be able to take with them to school. “The Second Step program has been shown to reduce behavior problems, improve classroom  climate by building feelings of inclusiveness and respect, and increase children’s sense of confidence and responsibility” (retrieved from www.centreforresilientchildren.org)

What do the children love about Second Step?

That it is an interactive program relevant to them. They enjoy using the puppets to help their educators tell the stories and engaging with the brain builders and learning the new songs.


Our educators recognise the benefits of mindfulness and yoga practice on emotional regulation and ability to transition between activities. Yoga activities are incorporated into your child’s day, based upon the Cosmic Kids Yoga program.

My Little Feet partners with Kindy Allstars which is aimed at ‘coordinating children for a brighter future’. Designed by former sporting pros, the program helps children fast-track gross motor skills leading to spatial awareness and safe movement. The adventure-themed activities are exciting and based around age-related messages, and instead of being a once-per-week visit, can be incorporated daily into the programming.

We also partner with Capoeira Brasil Townsville to offer our Kindergarten children weekly Capoeira classes. Combining dance, music, and martial arts, these classes promote balance, co-ordination and strength training and most of all are extremely fun.


Your children’s time at My Little Feet Childcare is structured around the Early Years Learning Framework which focuses on three main elements – Belonging, Being and Becoming. Our highly qualified Lead Educators are trained in designing play-based programs, extending on your child’s natural interests, to support and enhance their learning and development from birth to school. The weekly program cycle will be on display in your child’s room, and you will also be updated on daily activities via our online communication platform Storypark. 

Although it may look like your child is just playing and having the most fun they’ve ever had during their day with us, all activities are designed to meet and develop developmental goals based on their unique skills and interests. Our Educators are guided by an Educational Leader who provides individual feedback on their weekly programming. Educators also have access to child specialists including a psychologist and inclusion support officer, for any specific queries or needs. 

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

Learning through Play

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG)

Programming informed by psychology and educational experts

Meals and Menus

Our on-site chef is passionate about creating healthy meals that taste amazing, and is always trying out new recipes for the children to enjoy. Our chef is an expert at packing veggies into every meal, and is very adaptable when catering for special dietary requirements without compromising on flavour. We prepare fresh, nutritious options for breakfast (for those early arrivals), morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. We are always getting feedback that children eat far more at our centres than they do at home.

Incursions and Excursions


Enthusiastic local Capoeira teachers provide dance lessons to the children once per week during school terms. 

Cultural activities

Local indigenous groups teach local culture through activities such as storytelling, dance workshops, music lessons.

Healthy Harold

Teaches the children all things health-related. 

Visits from community workers

Local dentists, emergency services attend to share and discuss.

Kindy Kuts

Local hairdresser attends the services to provide hair cuts to children making busy mum’s lives easier!


Local bush kinder where children are taken safely to local parks to explore the outdoors. 

Reef HQ

Visits to our local aquarium where parents are welcome to join. 

Regular special events

Morning and afternoon tea, The Mother’s Day Beauty Salon where mother’s have to book a treatment appointment which your little one will provide (if you dare!) and Father’s day games afternoon.

Storypark and KindyNow

Keep up-to-date with your child’s daily activities

Through our online App Storypark where you will receive pictures of your child’s day via the app or email notification. You can also communicate directly with your child’s Educator or Centre Director so you will never feel out-of-the-loop!

Make flexible bookings

We use the KindyNow app which means you can log in, and see any casual availability for the week if you need to book your child in for an extra day with us to catch up on those last minute errands, attend work, or just book them in for an extra day of fun and learning 🙂