Green 27 Love in Idalia
Yoga and stretching for the Little Ones
Green 27 Love in Idalia
Yoga and stretching for the Little Ones
Yoga and stretching for the Little Ones
Green 27 Love in Idalia

We’ve got something great going on in our centres!

Our kids are practicing yoga!

The benefits of yoga for children have been shown to be enormous and here are My Little Feet we are already noticing the calming effects that it has. The kids are listening better and so in turn learning better and it is better preparing the for rest times, giving them a solid rest.

Yoga is a helpful tool that can have a positive impact on children and can help them to deal with distractions, overstimulation and peer pressure. Here are just some ways yoga can positively impact your child, just to name a few:

  • Awareness of breath
  • Strengthening and energising
  • Improves awareness and focus
  • Increases their stress management through meditation

The program that we are following from have classes that draw from topics that are relevant to their age group.  These fun and engaging classes include songs, poses, crafts, games and more!

There are a few key things we want to share with you if you ever want to engage in yoga with your child at home:

Focus on participation rather than perfection

  • This is all about fun. We want the kids to fall in love with yoga as much as we have so lets make it lighthearted and enjoyable

Try and do both sides on the pose

  • It is important to get balance in your life, and your body is no exception! It can also be a fun challenge for your kids, ‘you just did your left side did you? Let’s see how long you can hold that pose on the right side.”

Don’t worry about your left and rights

  • If you have ever attempted yoga then you know there was at least part of the class where your left was your right and your right was your left! If it can be confusing for us imagine what the kids are thinking! Try naming each limb before you start and using those names to direct body.

And most important of all have fun and encourage

  • yoga can be daunting but not if you are too busy having fun. Remember to always support, laugh and play!


It is always great to support your child in their new endeavours so lets get stretchy!